Hire a cutting-edge speaker who will up your game!

KELLY IS AN IN-DEMAND INFLUENCER Who Offers State-Of-The-Art Techniques In Marketing, Sales, And Team Building. You’re having an event! Now let’s make sure the speaker doesn’t suck.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your attendees bored, disengaged, and uninspired.

You need a speaker who is captivating, innovative, inspiring, energetic, knowledgeable, AND dynamic. A speaker who delivers cutting-edge content and strategies that are immediately implementable.

Move your BUT and do your attendees and yourself a favor by booking Kelly Moser for your next event!

Kelly is passionate about business. Having helped start and scale two multi-million dollar companies, they launched “Move Your BUT” Group, another multi-million dollar company focused on transforming the lives and businesses of real estate professionals all over the world.

Kelly is considered the foremost expert on lead generation, sales, team building, and rapid scaling, just to name a few. This makes him one of the most sought-after real estate and business coaches and speakers in the world.

Kelly’s passionate, high-energy, straight-talk style means that your audience will leave emboldened, inspired, and begging for more.


ABOUT KELLY Kelly Moser is that rare combination of communicator, educator, and entertainer. When he steps on your stage, you can be guaranteed that your audience will walk away transformed, inspired, and entertained.

As the founder of one of the fastest-growing coaching companies in the world, Kelly has worked with both experienced and new leaders and entrepreneurs to help them transform their businesses and achieve massive results professionally and personally.

Kelly has built a reputation as an innovative strategist within the business world and covers topics such as mindset, marketing, lead generation, sales, team building, and recruiting.

From keynote speeches to workshops, to multi-day events, Kelly has delivered thousands of presentations to hundreds of thousands of high performers across the world. As a result, he knows how to captivate an audience, deliver timely strategies, and ensure that your attendees execute on the training.

You owe it to your audience and to yourself to reach out and see how Kelly can help you deliver a world-class event with world-class training.

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