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Are you ready to break free from the chains of self-doubt and skyrocket your success? Get ready to embark on a journey of transformation with “The Move Your BUT Podcast,” where we’re all about eliminating excuses, smashing limiting beliefs, and silencing that negative inner voice that’s been holding high performers like you back from reaching your full potential.

Unleash Your Potential:

The Move Your BUT Philosophy

Do you find yourself saying “I want to, BUT I need to…” or “I’m tired of, BUT I want to…” all too often? It’s time to rewrite your script, to replace “BUT” with “AND,” and to embrace the power of taking action. Welcome to “The Move Your BUT Podcast,” where “BUT” stands for Believe, Understand, and Take Action.

Believe in Yourself, Understand Your Path, Take Decisive Action

Hosted by the dynamic and visionary Kelly Moser, a true trailblazer in the world of business coaching, sales, marketing, and team building, this podcast is designed to guide you through the process of believing in yourself, understanding your journey, and finally taking decisive action that leads to tangible, rapid results.

Transforming Real Estate Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Beyond

The principles and strategies we discuss are applicable to professionals across diverse fields. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent, a team leader, an entrepreneur, or a professional seeking personal growth, this podcast is your blueprint for transcending your perceived limitations.

Unleash Your


Join Kelly and his expert guests as they dive deep into cutting-edge strategies that have already empowered countless high performers to shed old-school tactics, overcome roadblocks, and propel themselves toward their loftiest goals.

Each episode is a masterclass in itself, unveiling actionable insights, thought-provoking discussions, and real-life success stories that illustrate how to move beyond your self-imposed constraints.

Why "The Move Your BUT Podcast"

Is Your Ultimate Success Companion:

Are you ready to obliterate those “BUTs” that have been holding you back? Tune in to “The Move Your BUT Podcast” and be prepared to ignite your journey toward the success you’ve been dreaming of. Remember, your potential is limitless, and it’s time to break free from the constraints that have been holding you back. Subscribe now and get ready to Move Your BUT!

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