Are emotions good or bad?

emotions Sep 14, 2020

Are emotions good or bad?

A couple of years ago I started a new tradition. A tradition of around the day of my birthday I schedule some time to reflect about the past year and dream about the upcoming one.

This year, as the day gets closer and closer, I have found myself in this reflective space a little more frequently than in the past years.

Pondering questions like:

What did I learn this year?

In what areas did I grow the most? Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, etc.

What were some of the highlights? Lowlights?

What advice would I give my “a year ago” self?

During this time of reflection over the past few days, the word “Emotion” keeps coming up.

I was raised in a time and place where we didn’t talk about emotions. Negative emotions were like insignificant injuries, you just rub some dirt in them and keep going. You know, “real men don’t cry” and “you have to be strong and never show weakness”.

Now, I have...

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Want to learn a super power?

gratitude superpower Sep 08, 2020

Think of your favorite superhero. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. Mine is Spider man.

Superheroes come with superpowers. Some receive their superpower at birth and others had some life altering experience that changed the course of their lives.

You too have a superpower, yes YOU!

Maybe you have already found out what your superpower is. Maybe not.

What if I told about a superpower that you could learn right now? One that would not only help grow your business but that would also help your relationships, family life and both your mental and physical health.

Would you want to know what it is and how to use it today?

That superpower is Gratitude.

Now before you roll your eyes and think “here we go again”, yeah yeah…gratitude…we got it…, I want to challenge you here.

Honestly, do you take time every day to find gratitude?

Even if you already have a gratitude practice in place, what I’m about to share with you will definitely take it to the next...

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“Trust your gut”

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020

“Trust your gut”

You have probably heard this a million times, but have you ever stopped to think about what it actually means? On top of that what does it have to do with growing a real estate business?

As an agent you are faced with many decisions every single day.

Some are internal and some are external.

Internal - How do I get leads? How should I be marketing? Should I work with this client? Should I get in my car and run over the selling agent who is absolutely clueless?

External decisions can seem to come from any and all directions.

  • The buying/selling agent? Coworkers? Clients? Friends? Family? And the list goes on and on.

Sometimes you know exactly what to say based on experience, knowledge, or your skillset

Other times there will seem to be multiple right answers.

  • Like trying to answer, “What diet/exercise plan should I be on?”
  • Try googling “How to generate leads as a real estate agent?”
  • You will find 24,900,000 results.

So when your...

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Glioblastoma Awareness Day

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

A diagnosis of Glioblastoma is not what you want to hear.

Especially when it’s aimed at your little sister.

Of course I had no idea what that even meant until the next statement rocked me and my entire family.

“Glioblastoma is a killing cancer...”

You know in the movies when the good guy is running into the fight scene, then suddenly without warning he/she gets rocked...

...everything slows waaaaaay down...

...and there’s silence except for that ringing sound.

I only remember bits and pieces of the conversation that followed.

Sadly but expectedly my sister lost her battle with Glioblastoma but not before giving me a very special gift.

After being diagnosed, then surgery, Mary did not just sit around waiting on the inevitable.

Quite the opposite. She lived!

And what I learned from her was mortality motivation!

She was going to die. I am going to die. You are going to die.

That may seem a little heavy at first but I want you to use that very real fact to MOVE towards...

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Rejection can feel like getting punched

rejection Jul 17, 2020
“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” Mike Tyson
Rejection can feel like getting punched in the mouth and it can be hard to overcome.
You keep putting your best foot forward and you keep getting the door slammed in your face.
Or someone you care about shuts you down when all you want to do is help.
Or maybe you’ve had a prospect who seemed eager and ready make a deal but never called you back.
So, here are 6 tips on how to handle rejection.
Before we get into the good stuff, there is one very important note here –
Feeling rejected and actually being rejected are two totally different situations. In the case mentioned above, the eager prospect that has not called you back may feel like a rejection but is it? Did they tell you no? Did they say they were working with someone else?
If not, then maybe they are just busy, and you simply need to follow up again.
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5 ways to push through FEAR - From Facebook Live


If you are an Established Realtor and you would like to join an awesome group of High Performance Realtors just like you click the link below.



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How Can a High-Performance Real Estate Coach Help Me?

real estate coaching May 06, 2020


One quality nearly all successful agents have is the ability to admit that they too could better themselves. No matter what career field you work in, understanding that you can always push for improvement is something that can catapult you into being #1 in your field. You may be thinking, “how could a real estate coach help me?” Or, “why would I need a coach if I am doing just fine on my own?” These are valid questions that we will answer to help show you how crucial real estate coaching can be to your success in the industry.


What Is High-Performance Real Estate Coaching?

High-Performance Real estate coaching is the continual process of outlining goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. Goal tracking is considered one of the best practices to keep your life in balance and progress toward a happier life.  Then why is it that only 8% of Americans actually achieve their goals? The answer lies in the fact that humans are not very...

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It's not too late to crush you goals - EVEN NOW!

goals webinar Apr 15, 2020

Here is a replay of the goal setting webinar

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Anxiety Sucks! Here are some tools that I use to manage it.

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2020
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Learning to be vulnerable. A skill that I struggle with.


It is my belief that a lot of people struggle with being vulnerable. Reading "The power of vulnerability" by Brene Brown is challenging me to work on this area in my life.

What I am learning is that in order to strengthen and build an even deeper connection with friends, loved ones, clients, and especially spouses, I will have to find space to allow myself to be vulnerable. 

I am not talking about dumping all of your problems on others. There has to be a certain level of trust between the two parties that has been cultivated over time. If this trust has not been established and a person decides to dump all of their issues onto the other, this may even make things worse. In this scenario one person may feel as if they have been taken advantage of or a barrier has been crossed, while the other may as if they have not been heard or ignored. 

In my personal life, with my wife, I am working to deepen this trust to allow space for vulnerability. It's a loop. The more...

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